What kind of financing can we buy

What kind of financing can we buy


What items are sold the most on Black Friday?

What items are sold the most on Black Friday?

Although as a general rule throughout Black Friday all products can be purchased with discounts , in certain cases prices are further reduced. For example, handbags and shoes tend to suffer a greater decrease in their cost than articles in the electronics and / or photography sector.

However, the best sellers in the previous edition (2017) were: a robot vacuum cleaner, a multifunction sports watch and a memory card. Fashion for its part is always a great demand and online stores, among which are those of the Inditex group: Zara, Zara Home, Oysho, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, etc. they verify year after year the profitability that supposes joining these initiatives.

For this kind of opportunities that allow you to acquire clothes, accessories, items for our home, etc. at a good price; Making use of mini-credits can be a more than successful choice. Below we analyze in more detail how and why to use these alternatives through which it is possible to make quick money online.

What kind of online mini-credits can we request to pay for Black Friday purchases?

BlackFriday The new ways of financing online can be of great help in specific moments or of extreme urgency in which liquidity is needed to solve an extra expense. As long as, yes, it can not be faced with the personal resources with which it is counted. However, mini-credits are also a very interesting financing option to take advantage of the Black Friday offers.

If you want to buy a product next ‘Black Friday’ and take advantage of the discounts, but do not have enough money, do not hesitate! Fast online credits are approved without paperwork, without guarantees and without guarantees. Some of the following offers also authorize you to enjoy the first free loan. What else can you ask for?

  • Maximum amount : € 1,000
  • Advantages : With Asnef and without payroll
  • Term : from 61 to 100 days Information »
  • Maximum amount : € 4,000
  • Advantages : No guarantee and in 24 hours
  • Term : Up to 41 months Information »
  • Maximum amount : € 5,000
  • Method : Without endorsement and without paperwork
  • Term : Up to 36 months Information »

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  • Maximum amount : € 1,200
  • Method : With Asnef and without endorsement
  • Term : Up to 30 days Information 
  • Maximum amount : € 10,000
  • Method : ATMs and card purchases
  • Advantages : Without changing bank. Dtos of up to 30%. Information “

Advance Christmas shopping or take advantage of a more than attractive discount will not be possible if we are short of liquidity. However, if you request the free minicréditos offered by the companies shown above, it will be a fact. Of course, do not forget that the financial products of private lenders are granted in the short term. In other words, it is necessary to keep in mind that the loan will have to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. Otherwise, interest on arrears can become our worst nightmare. Therefore, it is interesting to settle without delays.

Another option to keep in mind that is also worth noting is the use of credit cards . This financing, like that of the quick mini-loans online, is expensive, yes! Although if you have already enjoyed the first free loan offered by several online entities, with some credit cards it is feasible to finance certain purchases with conditions that are really worthwhile. The Bankia ON Card and the Bankinter Single Card, for example, are two advantageous options