Reviews and Information

Reviews and Information

Bonsaifinance are financial credits that have become today, an essential part of our economic and professional development. It is difficult to try to imagine some of the most important moments of our job growth without the support of those loans that have taken us out of different emergencies on more than one occasion.

That is why we can not deny the prevailing need we have today for financial credits . Whether it’s to go on vacation, to start a new business, start buying a house or a department, or even to pay for unexpected expenses, we all have the option of requesting a loan at any time we can need it

However, we must always bear in mind that not all financial institutions offer us a quality credit service. That is why we always have to carefully study the characteristics of those loans that are offered to us, since there are some institutions that offer us options specially designed for our needs and ability to pay.

What is bonsaifinance?

 What is bonsaifinance?

One of these options is provided by the credits of the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments (ASNEF) , which brings together all types of financial entities, which go mainly from banks to insurance companies, which are integrated in order to provide various credit resources to different sectors of entrepreneurs that require them.

Of these entities, Bonsaifinance has become one of the best options that currently exist, to request credits online quickly and easily, that is, without major complications that could hinder our access to an emergency loan, and this is precisely what which differentiates Bonsaifinance from other lenders, the ease and security that it offers you to receive a loan in your bank account in a matter of minutes, through a process whose conditions are extremely comfortable and simple for the payment capacity of any applicant.

What makes it different from bonsaifinance?

 What makes it different from bonsaifinance?

Also, one of the great characteristics that differentiates Bonsaifinance from a large number of banks is the flexibility it has to understand the financial reality that surrounds each of its clients. In this regard, while many banks reject the request for loans based on the classic lists of defaults or defaulters, many of which can be considered as not very relevant.

Bonsaifinance, on the other hand, always take into account that several of their clients may be present in such lists for such daily situations as the delay of telephone bills or of a similar nature, which does not disqualify the solvency of a person to access one. of your quick credits .

In summary, Bonsaifinance grants credits even if the applicant is already (or has been included) in any list of defaulters or non-payments ASNEF or Rai, a situation that represents an excellent option for those applicants who may be rejected to be included in any of these lists by circumstances that are not very relevant within their true financial solvency.

Types of credits and loans offered by Bonsaifinance

 Types of credits and loans offered by Bonsaifinance

Of course, another of the great benefits that Bonsaifinance has is the diversification that it presents in its credit options to adjust to the needs and capacities of its clients, since these options are designed to meet the different profiles that applicants may present, thus providing a more personalized service to each of them.

Among the options with which you have this entity, we have the following:

  • Quick credit
  • Microcredits
  • Personal credits
  • Urgent credits
  • Credits with ASNEF
  • Quick credits without papers
  • Quick Credits without Payroll
  • Online credits immediate response
  • Online credits in the act
  • Mini quick credits
  • Mini credits with ASNEF
  • Mini credits online without a payroll

Advantages of choosing Bonsaifinance

The biggest advantage of this company compared to other entities, is the speed and flexibility with which they offer you the credits that can save you from a sudden expense, because they do not complicate your existence with heavy procedures or credit investigations that will end up complicating your application, so that by the time you can access the loan, it is likely that you have lost the opportunity to use it in an important project or event that required immediate action on your part.

To avoid this type of complications, Bonsaifinance does not depend on slow bureaucratic procedures that hinder the smooth flow of access to your loan, so in a matter of about fifteen minutes, you may be accessing the cash that will save you from more than one commitment, or that will help you build some of those projects that only appear once in a lifetime.

In order to comply with this important advantage of quick access to credit, Bonsaifinance allows you to access its web page to perform all procedures and requirements online, respecting the various schedules of its clients, allowing them to complete the process from their houses and when they want, avoiding the annoying rows of banks, and saving a time that nowadays is vital to perform all kinds of activities that occupy most of our time

Main features of Bonsaifinance

 Main features of Bonsaifinance

There are some particular elements on which you can identify and define the big generalities that will make us think of Bonsaifinance to deal with any financial unforeseen that we have to solve in the short term.

First, we must remember that while most banks are extremely conservative in their loan policies, which automatically rules out many of the applicants, who for one reason or another, end up entering the list of defaulters for little Relevant, Bonsaifinance, on the other hand, is much more flexible to determine the financial solvency of its clients, so it takes into account other parameters that give it much greater opportunity to access fast credits for applicants.

Similarly, we must bear in mind that one of the great characteristics of Bonsaifinance, which gives him notoriety about the other banks, is that it is not necessary to present a payroll to associate the accreditation of regular income, since many self-employed workers have Sometimes, higher income than other workers get based on their payrolls, not differentiating between the different types of income received by workers, so that as a result, the margin of candidates for credit increases considerably.

Finally, as a distinctive feature of this service we can mention the accessibility, convenience and simplicity that it presents so that in a very short time, an applicant may already be making use of the cash that was so needed for a certain time. This is possible thanks to the fact that Bonsaifinance allows you to access your quick credits through its website, making the procedure online, entering extremely simple information from the comfort of your home, so that in the end, in a period of about fifteen minutes you can you have the money you need to face this emergency, which seemed to be a big problem when you did not have any financial support, but now you can easily solve without altering the course of your daily activities, thanks to the instruments that this company offers to make you more easy and simple life.

It is safe to ask for a loan at Bonsaifinance

With the facilities and advantages that Bonsaifinance has, many of the applicants will ask themselves about the security that this type of companies can have, especially in terms of the protection of their personal data.

In the case of this entity, we can feel at ease when requesting a loan, since they have all the security standards and mandatory regulations that are required of this type of institutions to ensure the protection of our personal data, which today, They are extremely valuable and important.

Said compliance with the protection of our data can be guaranteed by the regulations of the Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry of the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council). Through this institution we can be calm when requesting any loan in Bonsaifinance, because it has the security requirements of it.

What requirements to apply for a loan in Bonsaifinance?

 What requirements to apply for a loan in Bonsaifinance?

Another of the great benefits that we can find to apply for our loans with this company is that almost practically do not require complex requirements that many other institutions, especially banking ones, request.

However, in the case of Bonsaifinance, we will only be asked to be of legal age, that is, between 18 and 65 years of age, as well as having a bank account where the loan will be paid, which in the current times, It is not a major problem for most applicants.

Likewise, it is necessary to have a credit or debit card so that the loan can be repaid, as well as having an active mobile phone to receive calls and messages for any clarification or notification. Finally, Bonsaifinance only asks you not to have a debt contracted with Bonsai or with other financial entities.

Actually, it is only five simple requirements that most applicants will be able to fulfill without major complications.

What interest rates with Bonsaifinance?

 What interest rates with Bonsaifinance?

The interest rates handled by Bonsaifinance through asnef online must be measured from the period chosen by the applicant, which ranges from one week to six weeks as a term, as well as the amount requested, which may range from 200 to the 800 euros, which can vary depending on the needs and payment capacity of customers, so they can check the rates to be paid, entering these simple data on the website of the entity.

Bonsaifinance mobile app and customer support

By entering a mobile phone, Bonsaifinance can provide its customers with the information and notifications with respect to the loans requested and the payments made. In this way, you can have complete certainty regarding the movements and balances that you have to conclude a loan.

It should be noted that for any problem or clarification that customers wish to make regarding their credits, Bonsaifinance has an email that operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., which ensures that we will have the attention and prompt response to the concerns and needs of the clients. 

How to apply for a credit or personal loan in Bonsaifinance?


There is no doubt that we can easily request a loan with ASNEF in Bonsaifinance , but in this respect many may wonder how to carry out this process. In reality, it is very simple because the essential conditions for the loan must simply be met: being of legal age, having an active mobile phone and having a regular source of income, condition will be verified by filling out some forms.

Also, just select the amount you require, which ranges from 200 to 800 euros, as well as the return period, from one week to six weeks if you wish. Based on these data the calculator will give you the fees that must be paid to cover the respective payments.

Later, if the request is approved, confirmation will be received by an SMS message with the details of the credit. From that moment, the deposit will have been made in approximately 15 minutes, and another message with the details of the refund will appear.

How to return the requested credits to Bonsaifinance?

Basically, the repayment of the loans will depend on the lender that has granted the loan, since each one of them will be able to define the conditions of the reimbursements, as well as the extensions and deferments that may be presented by the applicant, so that in If the latter situation arises, Bonsaifinance advises its clients to contact the credit provider so that they can offer alternative forms of payment.

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