How to Apply for Online Loans

How to Apply for Online Loans


However, due to its excellent features, many customers ended up trusting everything they would offer. It is estimated that today it manages deposits worth more than 520 million euros .

It is quite curious that a simple village box has managed to reach these high figures, although it has a very simple explanation: the truth is that the entity is structured like a credit and savings cooperative. In other words, it is perfectly capable of offering certain financial services adapted to the needs of all types of clients.

Instead of going to the bank, we can turn to Caixa Guissona and benefit from all the advantages of the loans it offers, since they generate much more interest than a traditional bank.

We can understand Caixa Guissona’s philosophy by analyzing its slogan:

“There are no restrictions that prevent anyone, residing where they live, working where they work, can start saving headaches.”

Thanks to their different way of doing things, they would soon open more branches in Lleida, including Reus and Barcelona in General.

The loans granted by Caixa Guissona are basically characterized by minimum interests that make them even more attractive.

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Advantages of choosing Caixa Guissona to request a loan / credit

Advantages of choosing Caixa Guissona to request a loan / credit

Variety of options

The first thing that the user will find when he decides to ask for a loan is a great variety of loans so that he can choose the one that best suits his claims.

For example, we can ask for a credit specially designed to buy us a car, to reform our home, etc. (This we will analyze better in the following points).

No commissions

Yes, it is not an advertising claim, much less: commissions are really eliminated. This means that the client does not have to be claiming the absurd commissions that banks charge for everything.


Caixa Guissona loans are processed quickly; Some users claim to have formalized the mortgage in just one week. Compared to banks, which can take months to manage the mortgage, the time savings is more than significant.

The best customer service

The customer service is very close. There will always be a responsible who will be aware of any problem, being able to give an immediate solution.

In addition, we have several ways to get in touch with them at any time, which makes us trust even more in the financial institution.

The main characteristics

The main characteristics of Caixa Guissona

Its main maxims are to receive savings from customers and offer loans and credits with very low interest rates; Even these interests are reverted to the customers themselves, which helps to further incentivize the level of satisfaction.

It is considered an innovative banking concept, being exactly what the customer expects at the moment in which he opts for a savings account.

Is it safe to ask for a loan?

To know if it is safe to request a loan in this entity, the first thing we should do is take a look at the opinions of customers who have already been able to request them. The vast majority are satisfied so, in principle, you should not have any problems.

Now, as with any loan, this does not mean that we have to trust each other. Before signing, it will be crucial that we analyze in detail the credit conditions, the associated interests, as well as any other data that may be important.

Only accept if it suits you, do not get carried away at this point by the opinions of users.

In any case, the entity has been consolidated in the market for more than 60 years, always offering to improve the credit conditions for clients. With this we conclude saying yes, we can trust Caixa Guissona without any doubt.

Customer service and online banking

Customer service and online banking

Caixa Guissona puts at your disposal a practical customer service to solve any questions you may have. This is regulated based on Order ECO / 734/2004 of March . The customer service is physically located at the address “Calle Traspalau, 8” (Guissona, Lleida).

Caixa Guissona offers users an online platform (“Guissona Online”) from which we can control any account we have with the entity, as well as how to manage different procedures. To access the online platform (also known as GOL), you will need a client code and a code that the entity will provide. In addition, if you want to carry out transactions such as transfers or transfers, you will have to use a coordinate card and a variable code.

All these measures are designed to avoid any attempt to manipulate the platform by an external attacker.

Types of mortgages and loans 

Next we will analyze the types of loans granted by Caixa Guissona to its clients:

Mortgage of first house 

If you want to buy a house and need financing, you can access one of the Caixa Guissona mortgages (as long as it is your first home). The interests are very tight for young people, so it can be a very good opportunity.

One of the main characteristics of this type of product is that it has no commission . The savings account will not charge you the famous opening commission (the one associated with the mortgage of practically any entity).

In addition, we also have the modality of “mortgage loans” and “Hi-Fi”

Consumer Credit Loan

The “Consumption Credit” loan is aimed at individuals who need some financing for certain objectives: for example, it can be used to make a trip, to study, to reform the home, to buy appliances, etc.

As its name suggests, this loan is designed to finance a new car.

Financial companies associated with car dealers can help you finance the vehicle. The problem with this formula is that the conditions are usually not very beneficial for the user.

The Credicoche loan will help you renew your vehicle for much less than you think.

Reform Loan

Finally, we have the Reform Loan that gives us the opportunity to reform our home, to finally realize that idea to which we have been giving it for so long.

No more having to leave the house halfway until we have financing. Caixa Guissona offers you this credit so you do not have to worry about anything.

Requirements to request the credits/loans 

Requesting the credits from Caixa Guissona is very simple, and that is that they will only ask us for some basic requirements, in addition to processing quickly. This does not mean that they are going to grant us yes or yes, but it will give us more time to get the money if our application is finally canceled.

The most common requirements that you will ask us are the following:

  • Identification document: Photocopy of the NIF / DNI / NIE or equivalent.
  • Document proving the receipt of income: Normally the payroll, although it can also be a pension or any other type of income.
  • In the case of submitting a payroll we will also be asked for the work life, and we will have to indicate the type of contract as well as the seniority that we have in the company.
  • Photocopy of debts that we may have with other entities.
  • Budget of the goods or services that are going to be financed .
  • If we work on our own, we will also have to provide the latest Income Tax Return.
  • If we work for someone else, we will request the last VAT Declaration and the last two Income Statements.

Depending on the loan that we are going to request, the amount of requirements could increase.

Loan interest rates

Loan interest rates

  • Consumer Credit: Consumer credit is granted with a maximum time of 5 years and has a fixed interest rate of 5.25% current nominal and 5.37% APR .

However, on their website they warn us that the interest rate is conditioned on a prior study of the request of each client.

  • Credicoche: The “Credicoche” is granted with a maximum time of 8 years. An interest of 4.90% nominal annual + 5.01% APR is applied. The interest rate will be fixed throughout the term of the loan. In the same way as in the previous option, it will be conditioned to a previous study.
  • Loan reform: The “Reform Loan” is also granted with a maximum period of 8 years . A percentage of 4.40% nominal annual and of 4.48% APR is established . How it happened with the previous loans, the percentage will be conditioned to the previous study that the entity will do.

How to apply for Caixa Guissona Online loans

Applying for Caixa Guissona loans is a very simple process that anyone can do, regardless of whether or not they have computer skills. In the event that a branch is close to your location, you may prefer to go to it to be treated physically.

The process can also be processed through the customer service number that we have previously mentioned.

The online interface puts at our disposal a very practical tool that will allow us to do numbers to see if the loan interests us or not. First of all, take a look at the particular characteristics of each loan and then move on to using the simulator .


We can access the simulator by clicking on “Loan Simulator: Make your numbers” (this option is included on the right side of the web).

  • The first thing we have to do is choose the type of loan we want to simulate. For this it will be as simple as clicking on a drop-down and choosing the name of the loan in question. We will even have the option of using the simulator with some of the mortgage plans that the web offers us. As a curiosity, the last option of the drop-down is the “free simulator” mode, which allows us to make our numbers without accepting any specific plan.
  • The next step will be to adjust the capital that we want to request. We will do this by moving a bar to achieve the desired value. The minimum amount to request will be € 5,000, and the maximum of € 100,000.
  • Next, the amortization period (given in years) will also have to be established. The minimum amortization time will be one year , and the maximum of 8 years.
  • The last point that appears in the simulator is the interest rate . However, in the modalities of loans we will not be allowed to manipulate this value. For example, if we choose the “Consumer Credit”, the interest rate will automatically be 5.3%, and we will not be able to change it. If what we want to do is simulate a mortgage, or choose the option of “Free Simulator”, that will allow us to change the value at our whim.

Once we have established the desired values, a comparative table with all the data referring to the loan will appear in the lower part. That is, the number of installments we are going to face, the amount of each of them, the amortization, interest and the new outstanding capital.

As we modify the values, this table will be calculated again.

If we want to request a loan with Caixa Guissona , it will be so simple how to have time and sit in front of the simulator, to try different options until we find one that satisfies us.

How to return the personal loans 

How to return the personal loans of Caixa Guissona

At the time of signing the loans, you will be able to know how much you are going to pay monthly (what is known as a fee). The loan will be repaid month by month until the total amount is reached and it will take the money directly from our account.

Although we have not mentioned it before as a requirement, the entity will force us to have an account with them to request the loan or a mortgage. Otherwise, we can not do anything.

That is to say that, unlike what fast credit conventional companies do, we will not have to be entering the money in an account number, or doing any other type of management. The collection will be managed automatically: the only thing we have to worry about is to make sure there is money in the account at the right time.

Extensions and postponements

Extensions and postponements

However organized we may be, we can not always foresee when we are going to delay payment. For example, it may be that we have not yet received the payroll and that it will still take a few more days.

On the Caixa Guissona website, we do not find any data referring to extensions and / or deferrals, but the truth is that this option does exist.

Just by taking a look at the opinions of the clients, we discovered that many have had the problem that they could not raise the money to pay at the end of the month. If this happens, we must call the customer service number 900 102 873 as soon as possible and try to request an extension.

Most likely, if it is the first time that happens to us, we grant it without any kind of problem. Of course, the safest thing is that the loan conditions vary (adding some additional interest), so we have to make an effort not to get to this point.

The vast majority of options on Caixa Guissona are positive, so here we have a powerful reason to trust the entity.

The client values very positively the fact that the box eliminates the commissions (especially the elimination of the commission of opening at the time of transacting a mortgage). In addition, customers say that the initial feasibility study they do is very comprehensive, designed to save as much as possible.