How to Apply for Loans and Credits Popular Online

How to Apply for Loans and Credits Popular Online


Banco popular offers you different ways to obtain financing through loans that fit your needs . For any project, illusion, or idea, Banco Popular offers you the right financing at your fingertips, in case you have plans to remodel your home, change your car or go on vacation with your family, they will no longer be a concern for you. finance.

You can choose between different types of loans, which are designed to suit your needs and help you finance any project or dream.

There are three different types of loans which have different dynamics in terms of interest, amounts, terms, etc .; In addition to adapting to different ways of granting credit, as in general, with your payroll or your car.

Below you will see everything you need to know about each of these types of loans.

Loan Without Bank Popular Commission

With the first type of loans you can enjoy a wide variety of discounts and benefits when you pay your salary or pension, or by hiring any of Banco Popular’s products.

This is the Loan Without commissions and has a maximum amount of € 50,000; and a minimum of € 3,000, with a maximum contract term of 5 years. Other important details are:

  • Interest rate from 7.90% APR
  • Without opening Commission
  • Study expenses: 0%
  • Early cancellation fee: 1% of the amount reimbursed, if the remaining period is longer than the year. 0.5% of the amount reimbursed, if the remaining period does not exceed the year.

As we mentioned before, this type of loan enjoys discounts and discounts when hiring other Banco Popular products or services , these are:

  • 0.30% bonus applicable when contracting the direct debit of the payroll
  • 0.30% when contracting Life insurance Eurocredit
  • 0.25% when hiring Insurance Payment Protection
  • 0.15% when contracting direct debit of three or more receipts.

This is the description of all the specific information of this type of general loan , if you have been interested the next step to follow is to make the hiring of the popular bank loan . For this you have to become a Banco Popular customer ; You can become a customer from the Internet by following 4 simple steps that we will explain below:

  1. Enter your data: It is necessary to fill out a form on the Banco Popular page with your personal, labor, economic information and the IBAN number of another account of which you are the holder.
  2. 2. Printing of documentation : The next step is to print and sign the documentation that will be sent to your email.
  3. Deliver to the courier: Banco popular will send a messenger to the address where it is indicated for free to collect the documentation.

If it is necessary to add several holders, in the last step of the data entry process you can add up to four holders with the add holder button.

After the process to formalize the loan, which will be managed from the branch you choose, and where all the necessary documentation for the analysis of this operation will be studied. This request can be made in the branch itself, or through this form if you are a customer with keys to Multichannel Banking.

The necessary documentation for the study of the loan, for all the holders is the following:

  • Photocopy of the NIF
  • Photocopy of the last declaration of income, in the case of not making the Withholding Certificate.
  • Request for original and signed CIRBE data
  • Original declaration of assets, signed.

Additionally, the following documentation will be requested: Salaried workers (employed by others)

  • Photocopy of the last three payroll or income statements.

When all the aforementioned documentation is sent to the bank, the original documents must be accompanied for their comparison.

If the Bank considers it appropriate, to study the operation of the loan, it may request additional information from the holders and / or guarantor of the operation, if any.

Popular Bank Payroll Loan

The payroll loan from the popular bank will allow you to get the loan you need using your payroll, as well as the peace of mind that your fee will not change during the life of the loan.

This type of loan has a maximum amount of up to € 30,000 and a maximum term of up to 5 years. Other important details are:

  • APR from 7.88%
  • Interest rate 5.95 TIN%
  • For customers who pay the payroll and hire the Payment Protection insurance
  • Opening commission of 1%
  • No study fees.

To contract this type of loan you must follow the same steps to become a client mentioned above. After the process to formalize the loan, which will be managed from the branch that you choose, and where all the necessary documentation for the analysis of this operation will be studied. This request can be made in the branch itself, or through this form if you are a customer with keys to Multichannel Banking.

Also remember that you can apply for the loan from € 3,000 , if you are thinking of asking for an amount less than this amount, we recommend financing through Banco Popular payment methods.

Popular Bank Car Loan

Popular Bank Car Loan

If you are looking to change your car, there is a perfect loan for this. The car loan . In which you will have a maximum amount of up to € 90,000 , a fee from € 170 per month and a term of up to 8 years.

These are the conditions that apply to the loan when the fee is € 170 per month:

  • 6.07% APR
  • 5.50% TIN
  • Opening fee: 1.50 (minimum € 120.20)
  • Study expenses: NO
  • For more information, you can calculate the monthly fee with the Loan Simulator.

New Car Loan - Banco Popular

New Car Loan

Bank Popular loan simulator

Banco Popular loan simulator

The loan simulator is a useful tool available on the Banco Popular website, in the help center section – simulators and buyers . In which you can enter the conditions of the loan you wish to request and the system will simulate how much the fee that you will have to pay per month, with said conditions entered. Already with that you could give an idea of the conditions you want to apply for your loan.

It must be taken into account that this is only a simulation that is purely informative, whose results are only indicative.

To give you a better orientation in the hiring of the loans in Banco Popular we will provide you with some examples of the Loan Simulator, with different conditions and different types of loans, so that you can give an idea of the monthly installments and you decide your interest in the loan. Of course, for a better clarification you can enter the loan simulator and enter your conditions according to your personal needs, to decide in a better way.

Below we will show you some examples of the Banco Popular Loan Simulator , according to the three different loan types and different conditions for each:

Example of a loan without commission:

  • Total amount: € 30,000
  • Interest rate: 7.90% – Hiring the Payment Protection Insurance
  • Insurance Protection: € 970.64
  • Total amount owed: € 37,382.24
  • Monthly fee: € 606.86
  • Term in years: 5 years

Example of a Payroll Loan:

  • Total amount: € 3,000
  • Interest rate: 11.35% – Hiring the Payment Protection Insurance
  • Insurance Protection: € 46.29
  • Total amount owed: € 3,173.85
  • Monthly fee: € 258.13
  • Term in years: 1 years

Example of the new Car Loan:

  • Total amount: € 5,000
  • Interest rate: 5.50%. 6.07% APR – If the conditions are met, the annual nominal interest rate
  • Opening commission: 1.50%
  • Total amount owed: 6,267.00 including amount requested, commissions and interest
  • Monthly fee: € 64.50
  • Term in years: 8 years

Opinions of loans and popular bank loans

Opinions of loans and popular bank loans

Opinion 1:

The area of mortgages is very well prepared for customers. Thanks to what the bank offered me, I was finally able to buy the house I have been looking for so much. Although everything I have processed through a mortgage, in the end it has been the bank that has contacted us to talk to us in first person about the conditions they offered us.

The only thing they have asked us in exchange is that we hire insurance with them, but this is something that they are currently asking you in any bank. Besides not being expensive insurance, they have very good coverage.

Opinion 2:

It is an account in which to earn as a client, you must have the payroll domiciled, since this is what in many cases gave me as a client access to better credit conditions. When you do not have direct payroll, things are much more complicated.

The most advisable is, without a doubt, domicile the payroll.

Opinion 3:

find good conditions in a bank is complicated, this is because most seek their own benefit and not so much to favor customers. In a popular bank, I found what I was looking for.

Conclusions about loans and credits bank popular

The popular bank is one of the banks that is experts in giving all clients different types of credit options that may need or help in saving customers.

The company is one of the most sought after by customers, because it has more than 700 professionals and shareholders from all over the world, as well as being a company that has been working since 2000.

Among the benefits offered by this bank, is the wide range of products and services that customers can choose, giving all those who consume their products, various guarantees and insurance, as well as the convenience of being able to communicate from home through the web. for customers or from the phone.

The entity is fully backed by the bank of Spain.

Undoubtedly Banco Popular offers good solutions for contracting loans , with different types of loans for different needs that each person can present. First we have the Personal Loan , which offers benefits and advantages if you have contracted some Banco Popular services, in addition to offering a long term of the loan, of up to 8 years.

The different types of loans may offer advantages or disadvantages depending on the needs that present, Banco Popular offers you the opportunity to choose the one that suits you the most, in addition to offering the Loan Simulator , which is a great tool when deciding what loan and conditions will be better for your pocket.