Help with payday loans -Tour our site and consolidate payday loans fast

Help with payday loans -Tour our site and consolidate payday loans fast

Surely you were wondering how to lower the paid installments of credits or loans. Especially if we have 2 or more of such obligations. And regardless of whether everything is in one bank or every loan in another.

Tour our site and consolidate payday loans fast 

By using a payday consolidation loan, we at can pay off your payday loans. Thanks to this, we can have only one loan to repay. You can read below with the offer of consolidation loans.

Can you also consolidate non-bank loans? No. Banks do not consolidate non-banking, private or Lombard loans, but by taking additional cash under a consolidation loan, we can repay non-bank liabilities.


A consolidation loan only makes sense if the amount of the new installment is lower than the sum of all installments that we repaid earlier.

What is subject to consolidation? Virtually every loan and bank loan: loans and cash loans, installment loans, car loans, and mortgages. Consolidation is also subject to debts in the account (debit on the account) and on credit cards.

Why consolidation is a lower loan installment? For one simple reason: extending the loan repayment period. Only the extension of repayment of the new liability allows you to reduce the installment paid. A consolidation loan is usually also a lower interest rate on a loan or cash loan.



An undoubted advantage of consolidation loans is the fact that we reduce the amount of loan installments and improve financial liquidity. For some people it will be a recovery of such liquidity! In addition, we must remember only one installment payment date. And a consolidation loan is also, many people do not know about it, improve their creditworthiness. A definite downside of consolidation loans is that in general, we will give the bank more money. By extending the loan period, we will pay more interest to the bank, besides the new loan, it also includes additional costs, for example due to commissions.


Credit on a credit card or account is usually a 12-month contract. Installment loans are the lending period from several months to 2-3 years. Most loans and cash loans in banks are granted for a relatively short period of time, up to 5 years. Similarly with car loans. However, a cash consolidation loan can be taken in some banks even for 10 years.

Mortgage consolidation loan. In the case when a mortgage loan (housing loan) is subject to consolidation or the real estate loan is secured (eg flat or house), we can significantly reduce the cost of the loan and the number of installments paid, taking a mortgage consolidation loan.

Creditworthiness and consolidation loan. As with any loan or loan that the bank could give us a consolidation loan, it must examine our creditworthiness and credibility. And it does not matter if it is a consolidation of 2 credits, one or more liabilities. In the case when we lost our job and can not afford to pay installments, and delays in repayment are over 60 days, it is rather impossible to get a loan from the bank. You should apply for such a loan even when our financial situation is not dramatically difficult.


Deciding on a consolidation loan, we do not choose a bank based on advertising. At least 3 bank offers should be collected and the cheapest should be selected based on the analysis.


You can contact the bank that will present the offer and calculate the loan installments (the comparison of consolidation loans will not do it properly).

When comparing credit offers, we can use the consolidation loan for RRSO (we can find it on the information from received from the bank). The consolidation loan calculators do not “calculate” the monthly loan installment, but give only the estimated value.

Each bank offer is prepared individually and depends on the credibility and creditworthiness of the consumer.

APRC – Actual Annual Interest Rate – loan costs in percentage – includes all charges related to the loan and loan granted and repaid. The smaller the RIS of the consolidation loan, the obviously the loan is cheaper.